Invasion of Algorithmic Managers

Your Job Can Be Your Life

Modern employers are private governments. They enjoy broad powers over their employees’ lives. Of course, they dictate employees lives during work hours and in the workplace. But even outside of those hours and those places, employers still hold control over their employees.

The Rise of Algorithmic Managers

Governments use algorithms to automate compliance from its citizens. So do private governments.

Look around you. Look around you. Just look around you. Have you worked out what we’re looking for? Correct. The answer is algorithmic middle managers.

Your Own Moments of Algorithmic Management

Maybe you are lucky enough to not be an Uber driver or an Amazon warehouse worker. But you are certainly not lucky enough, even if you do not have a direct algorithmic manager, to avoid algorithmic management’s intrusion into your life. Again, wellness programs are good examples of such nearly-imperceptible invasions of algorithmic managers.



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